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Indian Statistical Institute Placements: Trends and Opportunities

One of India’s top universities for the study of statistics, mathematics, and computer science is the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI). Great-calibre graduates from ISI are well known for being in great demand across numerous industries.

If you intend to enrol in a Master’s in Economics programme at ISI or any other course, you may be curious about the current placement landscape. We’ll give a thorough analysis of ISI’s present placement environment and how it contrasts with that of other prestigious colleges in India in this blog article.

Recent studies claim that ISI has a placement rate of over 90% and a stellar track record for placement. Companies in a range of sectors, including banking, consulting, and data analytics, are vying for ISI graduates.

Companies like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Capital Bank, CitiBank, ICICI Bank, Amazon, Flipkart, Deloitte, and many more are among the top employers of ISI graduates. These businesses provide high-paying positions in risk management, quantitative analysis, data science, and other areas. The average pay for this session was 24lpa highest being 38lpa. 

In addition to placing people in jobs, ISI has a strong track record of placing people in PhD programmes. Many ISI graduates continue on to premier colleges in India and overseas to pursue a PhD in statistics, economics, or a related discipline. MIT, Stanford, Harvard, UCSD, Carnegie Mellon University, Yale University and other prestigious colleges are just a few of the top institutions that ISI graduates have been accepted to for PhD programmes.

At ISI, students are provided with a rigorous academic curriculum that includes both theoretical and practical aspects of statistics and mathematics. This makes them well-prepared for the job market and helps them stand out from the crowd. ISI also has a strong alumni network, which provides students with networking opportunities and access to industry experts.

In conclusion, the Indian Statistical Institute is a great place to pursue a career in statistics. With its excellent placement scenario, rigorous academic curriculum, and strong alumni network, ISI provides students with ample opportunities to succeed in the job market. So, if you’re considering a career in statistics, then ISI should definitely be on your list of options.

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