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    Course Description


    EduSure MA Mock Tests are designed to give you an experience of the genuine exam environment. 

    Most students practice questions, but not many test themselves with the exam mindset. Having inhibited time with questions across all topics and not a cull few often throws students off their game. With the mock tests you get a chance to test your skills before the exam. 

    Meticulously designed by visually examining the syllabus and past papers of each institute, EduSure Mock Tests will avail you of where you stand amongst the competition.


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    EduSure Past Results

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    Course Features

    35+ Mock Tests
    Institute Wise Mock Tests
    Online Test + Score Card
    Doubt Sessions (if applicable)

    Paper Pattern as per College

    Online Support Features

    • Get results immediately after submitting
    • Correct solutions given for all questions
    • Reports – Know your relative performance to other students appearing for the test
    • Give tests as per your convenience
    • View the question paper even after submission

    Key Highlights

    • Each exam is individually designed as per the latest syllabus so no topic is missed out
    • Opportunity to assess your skills before the actual exam.
    • Carefully crafted by thoroughly reviewing the syllabus and past papers of each Institute. 
    • Specific topic tests for extra practice

    Test Schedule

    • We will be launching the 2023 Mock Test Series soon!

    Support & Assistance

    • Updates on exam registration deadlines and documents required
    • Peer WhatsApp group for discussions
    • Extra classes closer to the exam
    • 24X7 support

    Terms & Conditions

    • All course fees are subject to availability of offers and may change without notice.
    • Refund Policy: – Refund for any course is liable within 7 days of enrolment (Subject to valid reasons)
      – Charges applied on all attempted mock tests on student portal.
      NOTE- The final desicision rests with Edusure Directors.
    • Content Policy: EduSure hold the rights to all its content. Anyone found sharing/duplicating/stealing the content will be prosecuted accordingly

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