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Preparing for the IIT Kanpur and IIT Delhi MA Economics Entrance Exams can be challenging, but with the right strategy, you can succeed. Both institutes offer prestigious programs that can open many doors for your future career. Here’s a simple guide to help you understand the syllabus, exam pattern, and essential tips and tricks to prepare effectively.


 IIT Delhi MA Economics Entrance Exam


Seats Available:

– Total Seats: 25

– Special Provision: 15 additional seats

– Total Seats: 40


Exam Date:

– 9th June 2024, 10 AM to 1 PM


Exam Venue:

– Lecture Hall Complex, IIT Delhi


Exam Pattern:

– Multiple-choice questions with negative marking.



– The detailed syllabus can be found in Annexure V of the [Information Brochure](

Preparation Tips:

  1. Solve Previous Papers:

   – Practice IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur 2023 papers, IIT JAM and DSE 2018-22 papers.


  1. Focus on Core Topics:

   – Strengthen your understanding of microeconomics, macroeconomics, and Indian economy topics.


  1. Use Recommended Readings:

   – Study from Alpha Chiang and Kevin Wainwright’s “Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics” and other suggested texts.


IIT Kanpur MA Economics Entrance Exam


Exam Date:

– 7th June 2024


Exam Pattern:

– The exam consists of three parts: Mathematics and Statistics, English Language and Logical Reasoning, and Introductory Economics.




Part (a): Mathematics and Statistics

– Algebra: Binomial Theorem, AP and GP Series, Permutations and combinations.

– Linear Algebra: Matrices, Determinants, Linear equations.

– Calculus: Functions, Limits, Differentiation, Optimization, Integrals.

– Statistics: Central tendency, Dispersion, Probability, Distributions (Binomial, Poisson, Normal).


Part (b): English Language and Logical Reasoning

– Grammar, academic reading, logical reasoning.


Part (c): Introductory Economics

– Microeconomics: Indifference curve, demand, production, cost curves, competitive markets.

– Macroeconomics: National income, inflation, GDP.

– Indian Economy: Post-liberalization era knowledge.


Sample Papers:

– [IIT Kanpur Sample Paper](


– [IIT Kanpur 2023 Question Paper and Answer Key](

Preparation Tips:


Solve Previous Papers:

   – Practice IIT Delhi and IIT Kanpur 2023 papers, IIT JAM and DSE 2018-22 papers

 Understand the Syllabus:

   – Study each part of the syllabus thoroughly, focusing on fundamental concepts.


 Use Recommended Books:

   – Follow books by Alpha Chiang, Kevin Wainwright, and NCERT textbooks for micro and macroeconomics.

General Tips and Tricks


  1. Time Management:

   – Practice managing your time efficiently during the exam. Allocate specific times for each section.


  1. Regular Revision:

   – Regularly revise the topics you’ve studied to keep the information fresh in your mind.


  1. Mock Tests:

   – Take mock tests to simulate exam conditions and improve your speed and accuracy.


  1. Stay Updated:

   – Keep abreast of current affairs, especially related to the Indian economy, as these can be useful in the exam.


  1. Healthy Routine:

   – Maintain a healthy study routine, with breaks and proper sleep to keep your mind fresh and active.

With dedicated preparation and a clear understanding of the exam pattern and syllabus, you can excel in the IIT Kanpur and IIT Delhi MA Economics entrance exams. Good luck with your preparation, and we hope to see you succeed in these prestigious programs!

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