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CUET PG Economics 2024 : Syllabus for CUET 2024

Are you considering a Master’s in Economics through CUET PG 2024? Congratulations on taking this significant step in your academic journey towards MA Economics. To assist you in excelling in the CUET PG 2024 exam, we’ve prepared an extensive syllabus guide that simplifies complex economic concepts and provides valuable insights. Our aim is to not only inform but also inspire passionate students like you who are eager to pursue MA Economics.

Why CUET PG 2024?

Before we dive into the syllabus, let’s briefly discuss why CUET PG 2024 is the gateway to a promising future in economics. The Common University Entrance Test (CUET) provides a single-window opportunity for admission to prestigious Central Universities across India. These universities are renowned for their exceptional faculty, diverse academic programs, and the quality of education they offer. By cracking CUET PG 2024, you open doors to endless possibilities in the field of economics.

Simplified Syllabus for CUET PG 2024: Economics (COQP10)
Microeconomics: How Individuals and Firms Make Choices

Consumer Theory or Behavior: Understanding Demand, Utility, Indifference Curve, Revealed Preference Theory, and Consumer Surplus.

Production Theory: Exploring Production Functions, the Law of Variable Proportions, Returns to Scale, Cost Functions, and related concepts.

Price and Output Determination in the Market: Analyzing Perfect and Imperfect Competition (including Monopoly, Price Discrimination, Monopolistic, Duopoly, and Oligopoly models), General Equilibrium, and Efficiency and Welfare in various economic scenarios, including pure exchange and production, overall efficiency, and welfare economics, along with the concept of externality.

Macro Economics: Examining the Bigger Picture of the Economy

National Income Accounting: Understanding how a nation’s income is measured.

Income and Output Determination: Exploring Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply, Effective Demand Principle, and Classical and Keynesian Theory.

Money and Inflation: Unraveling Monetary Aspects

Demand and Supply of Money: Analyzing the factors influencing the demand and supply of money.

Money Multiplier and High-Powered Money: Understanding the monetary system’s core elements.

Credit Creation, Role of Reserve Bank of India and Commercial Banks: Discovering the roles played by banks in the economy and the credit creation process.

Quantitative Theories of Money and Philip’s Curve: Diving into economic theories and relationships between inflation and unemployment.

Monetary and Fiscal Policy of India and its Role: Exploring India’s monetary and fiscal policies and their impact on the economy.

Consumption and Investment Function: Studying Economic Behavior

Permanent, Relative, and Life Cycle Hypothesis: Understanding different theories of consumption.

Determinants of Business Fixed Investment, Residential Investment, and Inventory Investment: Exploring factors that influence these investment decisions.

Multiplier and Accelerator: Analyzing the concepts of economic multipliers and accelerators.

Open Economy Models: Investigating the Mundell and Fleming Model, Balance of Payments, Exchange Rate Determination, and Purchasing Power Parity.

Economic Growth: Delving into the Harrod-Domar Model and Solow Model, which explain economic growth.

Statistical Methods in Economics: Mastering Data Analysis

– Mean, Mode, Median, and measures of central tendency.

– Dispersion, Skewness, Quartile Deviation, Average Deviation, and Standard Deviation.

– Understanding correlation and simple regression models, probability distributions, and sampling techniques.

Mathematical Methods in Economics: Equipping Yourself with Mathematical Tools

– Sets and Vectors: Grasping fundamental mathematical concepts.

– Functions of one and several real variables and single and multi-variable optimization.

– Integration of functions and differential equations.

– Exploring determinants, matrices, linear programming, and probability.

Indian Economy: Navigating India’s Economic Journey

Macro Trends: Analyzing national income, population dynamics, and occupational structures.

Agriculture: Studying agrarian structures, land relations, agricultural markets, and related institutions.

Railways and Industry: Investigating India’s railway system, the debate on de-industrialization, industrial evolution, and more.

Economy and State in the Imperial Context: Understanding the impact of imperial priorities on the Indian economy, including the drain of wealth, international trade, and the role of the government.

New Economic Policy: Exploring India’s policies and economic reforms.

Public Economics: Analyzing concepts like public and private goods, externalities, budgets, deficits, public debt, fiscal federalism in India, taxation, and its economic effects.

International Trade Theories: Studying key theories like those of Adam Smith, Ricardo, the Heckscher-Ohlin model, and New Trade Theories.

This simplified syllabus guide equips you to tackle the CUET PG 2024 examination with confidence, putting you on the path to pursue an MA in Economics. Your future in the field of economics is within reach!

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Prepare diligently, aim high, and embark on your journey to becoming a skilled economist. Your future in economics awaits!

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