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Nupur Datar: ISI MSQE 2021

Hello I secured AIR 3 in the entrance examination for ISI MSQE 2021. I would like to thank EduSure for helping me achieve it. To crack ISI a strong grasp of concepts is needed because it will give you an edge over other exam takers, so start practising maths early because it will help you develop the temperament you need for ISI kinds of questions.

So, the goal would be to achieve a stage where you attempt questions from all the sections be it maths or economics with logic and I think it would go a long way. I liked EduSure, particularly because of how well-organized their content on the portal was. The videos on all the topics were excellent and I could access everything at my convenience. What helped me the most was the short notes that were provided for every chapter which helped me revise every topic quickly. So I think the mantra for cracking the ISI exam, particularly for me was working out every concept with logic and not just memorizing it and of course, it goes without saying that you practice all the past papers at least twice or thrice. So keep practising, keep working hard and enjoy learning.

Asmita Raichaudhari:( Year 2021)

Hello everyone, I completed my graduation in economics from St.Xavier’s College, Kolkata. Today I’m here to share my journey with you all. So I joined EduSure in 2019 and I signed up for a two-year course program here. The first year which is the Eco Masters Program helped me brush up on my basics,

and fundamental concepts and also get myself introduced to the pattern of questions that are asked in these competitive examinations. The second year which is the Eco-Topper Program is a more rigorous course wally involves extensive past-year paper solving and which in my opinion is one of the most important strategies when it comes to clearing these competitive examinations. I feel very fortunate to have Samkith Sir and Mahima Ma’am as our teachers because I feel that without their consistent effort and sincere commitment, I wouldn’t have been able to crack ISI Entrance and also IIT JAM. One thing about EduSure is that it gives us exposure through continuous paper solving, weekly revision tests, mock tests and also the doubt-clearing sessions that will help students a lot in preparing for these competitive examinations. The formula for cracking these competitive examinations is with EduSure. One should not forget to focus on self-studying and also qualitative along with quantitative study. Lastly, I would want to say that be patient, confident, and loyal to yourself and nothing can stop you from getting through. So I would want to end by wishing nothing but the best to all my juniors. Thank you.

Nishad Nagpure : IGIDR (Year 2021)

Hi, I am Nishad Nagpure. I have done my undergrad in Economics. I recently got selected for IGIDR and got an offer letter from SCU. The key was to solve the previous year’s papers multiple times. Plus I would like to thank Samkith Sir and Mahima Ma’am, who helped me approach the exam. He told us to divide the questions into easy, medium and hard and then to approach the paper. We were also asked to keep the time foundation in mind. Thank you Sir for the way you guided us and Thank you, Ma’am, for your concepts of MicroEconomics.

Hemant Verma: DSE (Year 2020)

Hello everyone, my name is Hemant and I did my undergrad in Economics at Scottish Church University, Kolkata. This year I got admission to the Delhi School of Economics. I joined EduSure last year and was able to crack most of the master’s economics entrance examinations. Since I was aiming only for tier 1 colleges like ISI and DSE, so I thought to give myself one more chance. I decided to drop out for a year. During this time I did not enrol in any coaching centres.

I only had materials given by EduSure: past year papers, notes, mock tests paper, and problem-solving questions. Although I was not registered with the coaching centre Mahima Mam and Ankit sir were always there for me.  They always cleared out my doubts whatever they were: Be it a doubt related to the concepts or any particular question that I couldn’t solve. All I want to say is you should not doubt yourself there is this myth that everyone keeps saying that not every student can get a chance into these colleges. It’s absolutely a myth. Just be passionate about things and keep your goals high about preparation, I would say just follow blindly what is going on in EduSure classes, solve the problem sheets, read the notes and be attentive in the discussion and doubt classes especially. Thank you.

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