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About Our Scholarship Program

Welcome to the future of Economics education! At EduSure Prep, we’re not just about passing exams; we’re about creating leaders in the field of Economics. Our MA Economics Scholarship Program is designed to provide ambitious students with the opportunity to excel in their studies and career without the burden of financial constraints. Open to both new and existing students, our program is your gateway to becoming an economic visionary.

Why Choose EduSure Prep?

Open for All

Whether you're just starting your journey or looking to deepen your understanding of economics, our program is tailored for you.

Comprehensive Preparation

Our approach combines MCQ based online tests with in-depth interviews, ensuring a holistic preparation.

Expert Faculties

Learn and grow under the guidance of experienced educators and industry experts.

Flexible Scholarship Categories

  • 100% Scholarship

    Full tuition coverage for the most outstanding candidates.

  • 50% Scholarship

    Significant tuition reduction, making education more accessible.

  • 75% Scholarship

    A substantial helping hand to ease your financial burden.

  • 25% Scholarship

    A step towards your educational dreams, making them more attainable.

Curriculum Insight

Prepare to dive into an extensive syllabus that covers the essentials and beyond: UG based Mathematics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, and Statistics. Our curriculum is designed not just for you to pass your exams but to truly understand and apply economic principles in real-world scenarios.

How to Apply?

Register Online

Begin your journey by filling out our simple online registration form.

Email Confirmation

Receive your personal user ID and password via email, giving you access to our wealth of resources.

Prepare to Succeed

Utilize our study materials, ace the online test, and impress in your interview. Your future in Economics starts here!

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