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Supriyo Mondal: ISI DSE JNU IGIDR 2017

I’m Supriyo Mondal currently studying at ISI Delhi, MSQE. The key to the success of getting through entrances like ISI, DSE and likewise is to solve all past year papers and EduSure has a systematic way of doing so. Solving question papers only one time is not enough you need to make repeated practice at least five to six times before you sit for those exams. Then there will mock test series which will help you to evaluate your weaknesses and strengths. Thank you.

Afifa Bano: DSE 2017

Hello everyone, I’m Afifa Bano from Maulana Azad college and I’m currently pursuing M.A. in Economics at the Delhi School of Economics. EduSure was highly recommended to me by my seniors and my teachers. I joined EduSure to primarily improve my grip on mathematics and economics and EduSure did not fail me one bit.

Mahima ma’am and Samkith sir are wonderful teachers. They are extremely helpful, very approachable and highly motivating and they help you solve the 10 years which is extremely important for your preparation in cracking any of these top four universities. They take mock tests which are going to be vital for your final preparation. So I would recommend EduSure to all the aspirants. Thank you and All the best.

Alapan Pradhan: ISI 2018

Hi, I am Alapan a student of ISI, Kolkata. I was a student from an engineering background. I started preparing for ISI only 5 months before the entrance test. With the help of Edusure, I was able to complete the huge syllabus within this short time. The best thing about EduSure is that they make you solve the last 10 years papers of ISI question papers thoroughly. So if I can do it by studying it from 0 levels, I am sure you can too.

Jit Chattopadhyay: ISI MSQE Delhi

Hi, I am Jit Chattopadhyay currently studying MsQE at ISI, Delhi. I joined EduSure in the middle of my second year and almost the course for two years. It was really helpful. The regular practice classes, the mock test series, the concept building, and the doubt clearance sessions were very instrumental for me in clearing several competitive exams and I would recommend it to anybody who wants to be in any of the top institutes for a master’s in economics in India. Thank you.

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