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Tanaya Jain: JNU 2019

Hello, I am Tanya Jain, I pursued BA in Economics from Hansraj College and currently, I’m pursuing MA in Economics from JNU, Delhi. My experience with the Edusure was amazing, both Mahima ma’am and Ankit Sir were always there to help out and the concept of learning through problem-solving and the small tips provided to them helped me a lot during exams. So, I would like to thank Edusure and Samkith sir and Mahima ma’am for really helping me during my exams and helping me clear the entrances. Thank You.

Ankit Singh: JNU 2018

Hey, I’m Ankit and I’m currently doing my master’s at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. I joined Edusure last year because had a drop year and joining Edusure changed everything for me. All my concepts and my problem-solving abilities are brushed up very nicely.


Samkith sir and Mahima Ma’am are the best faculty that you could ever get and their experience of cracking such exams really can guide you along the way I would like to say that the mock test especially was really helpful in my case as the teachers here would give you perfect idea about how to go about these exams like what should be the time management skills and everything and how should you attempt the questions or choose the questions which should be attempted, Samkith sir and Mahima ma’am were helpful in that way, they suggested how to go about this paper and the solving of papers also help me a lot. So, I would only recommend Edusure with all my heart for cracking these economics master’s exams. Edusure provides the best preparation that you could ever get. So, all the very best.

Vatsala Kochar: ISI Year 2017

Hi, I got through ISI Kolkata almost a month back after storming for almost half a year. So, I’m sure you’re in a very similar position right now and since for most of you, ISI Kolkata is the dream college. So, here are a few pointers just to make your journey a little easier.

So, what you could do is, you should pay jolly close attention to your college lectures because most of the questions which appear in your exam it’s something related to whatever you’ve learned in college. Secondly, Mahima ma’am and Samkith sir give you very organized notes, so take full help of that all the questions are divided into chapters wise and then notes for each chapter and ma’am and sir are always there to help you with all your doubts, so that’s another good thing. Just keep working hard or just keep attending lectures regularly and I hope to see you there next year. Good luck.

Ravi Agarwal: DSE 2014

Hello Friends, My name is Ravi Agarwal I am an alumnus of DSE and right now working for the Delloite Consultancy Practice.  before the Delhi School of economics, I received my training from EduSure. Samkith Sir and Mahima Ma’am helped me to clear IGIDR, DSE and ISI entrance exams.

I would recommend to all the aspirants of these premier institutes that Sir and Ma’am thoroughly provide us with a review of the past year’s papers with a proper understanding of the concepts. I would also suggest you appear for the mock test as it gives you a feel of the examination situation and also helps you understand where you stand in comparison to others. I wish you all the very best for your future. Samkith Sir and Mahima Ma’am, wish you very good luck for making an impact that matters.

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