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Manjistha Saha: DSE (Year 2020)

Hi this is Manjistha Saha. I completed my bachelors in economics from St. Xavier’s College Kolkata and currently, I’m pursuing my masters in economics from the Delhi School of Economics. I started my preparation for these exams with Edusure’s classroom program that I was a part of for two years. 

Samkith sir and Mahima ma’am of Edusure provided excellent guidance, support and motivation throughout the course. Well, my preparation consisted mainly of three parts:
1. I solved question papers for the past fifteen years,
2. mock tests are very vital and Edusure provides an excellent mock test program that I took for preparing for the exams,
3. I made sure that my concepts were as pure as possible.
Moreover, I would also like to mention that the exam tips Samkith sir gave before the exam helped me a lot while attempting the exams and an important thing about Edusure is that all the lecture videos, concept clearing and doubt clearing videos can be accessed from the website which is very essential while preparing. So, finally, I would like to thank Edusure for helping me so much and I wish all of the aspirants the best of luck for their upcoming exams. Thank you.

Nishat Anjum: JNU 2019 (Year 2019)

Hi, my name is Nishat Anjum And I am doing my Master in Economics from JNU in the School of Social Sciences. So I joined Edusure in the month of January and along with that, I was preparing for the civil services exam which was due in June which meant that I had limited time in my hand to focus on my master’s.

The good thing is that I only wanted to join the school of Social Sciences at JNU which meant that I could take a backseat as far as maths and Statistics were concerned. But at the same time, the questions in JNU were slightly analytical. The guidance sessions, the doubt-clearing sessions, mock tests and past papers especially the extra classes helped me cope a lot. Also, the topic-wise section syllabus available on the online platform made it easy for me to revise everything before the exams. I not only had a fair idea of what the syllabus was but I knew what exactly I was completing and my grasp over all the topics. To all the future aspirants, who want to pursue a Master in Economics from any of these reputed Institutions I highly recommend Edusure for its very focused and dedicated approach to question-solving and concept building. Good Luck.

Abhigyan Adhikari: ISI (Year 2020)

Hello everyone, I am Abhigyaan Adhikari and I have completed my BSc in Economics from St.Xavier’s College, Kolkata. I have secured rank 15 in my ISI examinations. Now, last year when I decided to prepare for the Master’s economics entrance exam I joined EduSure.

At EduSure one of the biggest advantages is that they solve past papers regularly and along with that Sir and Ma’am also make sure that your basics are quite clear in every topic be it economics, mathematics or statistics.  Now that I have figured out over the past few months that to crack these entrances it is not only important for you to know the subject or the topic but it is also important for you to plan and understand how efficiently you can use your time to solve the questions and that’s what Edusure has been training us for. Another benefit that EduSure has is it recorded all the solution videos that Sir gave and uploaded them on an online portal for students so that we can watch all the videos N number of times and even after that if we had a doubt Sir was just a call or text away. He solved so many doubts be it the night before the exams. I heard when I was starting my entrance exam preparations that students from Kolkata do not perform well in comparison to that in Delhi and other places. But I feel if you are in the right institute and you are getting the right type of practice and training in how to plan and use your time efficiently, then you too can crack any of these Entrance Examinations. So, All the Best and Thank You!

Monalisa Poali: DSE IGIDR 2020

Hello everyone my name is Monalisa Polai and I have graduated this year from Presidency University. I would like to thank Edusure for the consistent support and guidance throughout the preparation. The solutions of the past years have been very helpful for me as it has helped me in gaining conceptual clarity and at the same time it has also helped me in improving my speed as continuous practice over the past years gives us proper training on how to face the actual examination paper.

Also, I would like to thank Edusure for the mock tests. I believe the mock tests have been very effective for me as it has helped me in increasing my speed and improving my accuracy at the same time also believe that to clear these entrances one needs to continuously keep on working hard and harder every single day. because some days, after giving the mock tests we are quite disappointed because we don’t get the kind of results that we expect, well on the other days the exams might go on very well, so initially when I started giving my mock tests my accuracy was not that good so I was disheartened but nevertheless I believed that one should keep on working harder and harder until and unless you actually gain a kind of confidence and then the more you solve the papers the more confidence you start gaining and eventually you will be able to definitely succeed so i would like to encourage you all to keep on working harder and strive towards excellence because clearing these entrances are not very difficult if you are willing to work harder and if you are willing to practice keep on practicing the past your questions papers and a lot with that I believe the mock tests will be very effective because the more mock tests you give the more clearer your concepts become because you are now practicing different types of questions and that gives you a kind of confidence that will actually help you face the real question paper during the examinations so all the very best to all the as is for next.

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