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Saad Ahmed

Hello, I am Saad Ahmed and I secured rank 1 in IIT JAM. EduSure helped me in many ways. I always tried to attend all the classes. Persistence, Discipline and Perseverance is the key. Attending the doubt-clearing sessions helped me a lot.

Not only do your doubts get cleared but you also get a new perspective on the topics already done. No doubt is small or irrelevant. One of the best things about EduSure is that Sir and Ma’am are just a text away. Even if you have doubts two days before exams, they make sure to clear that out. For the aspirants, do not give up or deviate from your path. Seek guidance from the teachers here. It will help you.

Anushka Das

Hello, I am Anushka Das and I made it to the ISI. I was weak in maths and I felt like I needed some guidance there hence I joined EduSure. The student portal in EduSure gave you a chance for a lot of practice which made me confident about my maths skills.

 I did my homework regularly which also helped me a lot. The mock test series conducted were helpful too. Mahima ma’am and Samkith Sir were always there to guide me. For the aspirants, work hard and have faith in yourself. All the very Best.

Piyasa Das

I am Piyasa Das and i have made it to ISI. I come from a humble background, from a non-branded college and no laptop and I still was able to crack ISI. I want to thank everyone in the EduSure group for providing me with the scholarship and allowing me to achieve my goals.

I attended all the classes on my phone and accessed the portal on my phone as well. The portal was beneficial, it’s genuinely a bible for preparation. One can watch the videos on the portal n number of times which helped me the concept building. After watching the videos, I used to solve the questions given by the teachers and also watch the solution videos for the questions I couldn’t solve.  For my doubts, I made sure to text Ma’am and Sir who helped me each time. I made sure to study 4-5 hours consistently. For all the students wanting to get into a premier college, nothing Fancy is required by one to achieve their goals, you can do things with the basics. Believe in yourself and your goals, practise a lot and you’ll achieve them all.

Krish Sharma

Hello, my name is Krish Sharma and I got into ISI. I used to just watch EduSure’s videos, and solve the questions given and the past year’s papers. I did not open any books to study. Everything available on the portal was more than enough to cover everything.

I solved the questions multiple times while building my concepts. Whatever Samkith Sir suggested, I followed it blindly. Before joining there were certain topics that I was weak at, but by the time I completed my course at EduSure, those became my strongest points. I really enjoyed the course here and I highly recommend EduSure to everyone. Thank you.

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