Student Testimonials

Poulomi Mukherjee

Hello, everyone. I’m Poulomi Mukherjee. I completed my graduation in economics from ST Xavier’s college Kolkata. I cracked IIT JAM and IGIDR entrance examinations. I’m currently pursuing M.Sc Economics in Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR). Like everyone, it was my dream as well, to pursue masters from the Premier Institutes of India. So, I joined Edusure in my 3rd year, that is in 2020. And needless to say, it helped me a lot.

Ankit sir and Mahima Ma’am used to solve the past year problems of economics, maths and statistics quite rigorously, which is one of the main strategies for cracking this entrance examinations. Since IGIDR doesn’t publish any past year papers. So, this extensive problem solving of ISI and DSE helped me to grasp the topic. And the most attractive part is that all these lecture videos were recorded and where available in the additional student portal so we could access all these solution videos for ‘n’ number of times according to our convenience. And this student portal was so organised and so exhaustive that it was really effective in my preparation days. However, only problem solving will not help you to crack these entrances if your concepts are not clear. In this regard, apart from the textbooks additions, compact notes on each and every topic came in handy. Finally, the mock test series helped me to realise my weakness and strength and also to utilise the time efficiently which is another main issue of this entrance examinations. So apart from this regular course, there were continuous doubt clearing classes. And even after all this, if you had any doubt, sir and ma’am were just a text apart. Hence, I would really like to thank Ankit sir and Mahima ma’am for the constant support and guidance. Because without them and of course, my college, I would not have got IGIDR. Lastly, my dear juniors and future aspirants practise thoroughly, make the full utilisation of this time and there’s nothing can stop you from achieving your goal. Best of luck and thank you.

Aditya Bikram Nayak

My name is Aditya and I did my bachelor’s in economics honors from Scottish Church college which is under the University of Calcutta. I secured a rank of 23 in ISI MSQE entrance examination. Got myself enrolled into the EcoTopper program of Edusure when I was in my final year. In my competitive preparation journey Edusure played a very important role and firstly I would like to express my gratitude to both sir as well as ma’am for helping me in this journey of mine. 

and as far as any competitive preparation is concerned that are few things which each and every aspect needs to be very clear and the most crucial point being that of dedication, you need to be dedicated to yourself, you need to be thorough as far as your basics or your foundations are concerned. If you are confident about your basics then any competitive examination won’t be very difficult for because examinations like ISI or DSE will always focus more on your basics. Yes of course they will ask you difficult questions but those questions will be based on the foundations of yours. So, in developing these foundations and clearing my basic concepts sir and ma’am helped a lot. The notes that they provided they were very precise and to the point and they acted like a go to resource for me which I could refer to at any point of time whenever I had any doubt. Moreover, the portal that we were given access to had videos of about almost all the ISI and DSE questions so they were around three thousand plus videos in the portal and from this only you can get an idea how informative that portal was and apart from that every week we used to have two theory classes which were specifically for theory discussions and apart from that we also had one class which was kept for doubt discussions and also for the discussions of the mock test questions. Specifically for me the mock tests acted like an indicator they basically showed the areas where I need to work, they showed me the areas which were my weak points and these mock tests kind of helped me to work on those weak points so the mock test also played a very crucial rule as far as my competitive preparation was concerned. Lastly, I would like to say one thing that is, no matter which examination you are preparing for always try to cover the past papers at least two or three types, the past papers should be like your holy book for any competitive exam preparation and that’s all. All the best for your future endeavours. Thank you.

Ashmita Royhowdhury

Hello everyone my name is Ashmita Royhowdhury and a completed my graduation in economics from St, Xavier’s college Kolkata. Today I’m here to share my journey with you all. So, I joined Edusure in 2019 had signed up for two-year course program here. So, the first year which is the Ecomasters program helped me brush up my basics my fundamental concepts and also got myself introduced to the pattern of questions that are asked in these competitive examinations.

The second year which is the Ecotopper program is a more rigorous course which actually involves extensive past year paper solving and which in my opinion is one of the most important strategies when it comes to clearing these competitive examinations. Also, I feel very fortunate to have Samkith sir and mahima ma’am as our teachers because I feel that without their consistent effort and sincere commitment I wouldn’t have been able to crack ISI Entrance exam and also IIT JAM. Also one thing about Edusure is that it gives us the exposure through continuous paper solving, weakly revision tests, mock tests and also the doubt clearing sessions that will help students a lot in preparing for these competitive examinations. So, cracking these competitive examinations will be a lot easier with Edusure and also one should not forget to focus on self-studying and also qualitative along with quantitative study. So lastly I would want to say that be patient, be confident, be loyal to yourself and nothing can stop you from getting through. So, I would want to end by wishing nothing but the best to all my juniors

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