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The study abroad program was started by EduSure to help students fulfil their dreams of studying Economics outside of India as well. There are many great colleges in countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, UK, US, etc, that offer a masters in economics at a cost that rivals Indian education. We wanted to help students join these colleges to the best of our abilities.

What is considered to be the best might not be the best fit for you, therefore, our primary goal is to keep your interests and goals in mind. In the study abroad program, we help you pick the right course, college, and country as per your needs. We help you from through every step from the initial consultation to any needs you might have after you have enrolled in the college of your dreams. Sign up now for a consultation with our expert!

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EduSure School is a reputed 10-year-old institute with ISI, DSE faculty. We have been helping achieve their dreams of going to the best M.A. Economics colleges within India, with more than 400 successful students placed at the top institutes. We now want to expand our vision beyond India, helping students get into the best foreign universities for Economics related courses as well. We will guide you in picking the best country, course, and college for you.

University Selection – In depth analysis of your interest, background and goals. Based on this assessment we will help you select Universities for you.

– Profile Development – Guiding on extra curricula and defining milestones to be achieved.

– Essay Brainstorming- Take students thru activities that help in brainstorming their essays and edit and proofread the drafts.

– Resume review and editing- All students prepare a resume or a list of their activities. We can review and advise on how to improve it.

– Scholarship Review – Select the scholarships that best fit your needs and how to apply for them.

– Application review- During your Application, we give you tips on how to improve your application and to ensure how every aspect has a story.

– Interview Practice – Learn how to answer questions to put your best self forward.

– Deferral and wait-list strategy- If you have been wait listed by a University we can work on a strategy to work on the mind of admission committee.

Additionally, we will guide you with any questions you might have during the entire process. If you have any doubts about when to apply for the visa, what kind of housing should you pick, etc. we will help you by pointing you in the right direction.

While we will be providing most services, you will require to ensure your application gets accepted, there are few things that we cannot help you with. For these services, we will connect you with companies that offer them.

We will not be able to help you with any test prep. For most universities, you will be required to give GRE, GMAT, IELTS, or TOEFL. We will not be able to help you prepare for these tests but will provide you a list of places that help with the same.

We will not be to do the essay writing for you. As the services provided states, we will help you with brainstorming for essays, coming up with the best ideas, and proofreading and editing drafts, but the actual essay will have to be written by you. In case you require someone to write the essays for you, we can provide a few names.

We will not be able to help you apply for visas. We will provide details of agents that help with visa applications.

You to have either finished your bachelor’s degree or currently pursuing one from a UGC recognised college as well as all your schooling certificates. In case you are applying after you have completed your bachelor’s degree, you will need all your work certificates. If you have taken any gap years, a clear outline of what you did during the time off.

You can apply to any country in the world, but we will limit it two countries per person. We will help you with courses that are in the realm of economics and finance since that is where our expertise lies. Through us you can choose up to five universities across countries and courses.

We will begin with an initial consultation to understand your needs, interests, and goals. Based on these we will look at possible courses, and countries. Once we have locked down the course, and country, we will decide which universities best fit your need and begin the application process. We will take a look at the documents you need, work on your essay, and look for potential scholarships. Once we have looked through all documents and reviewed everything, your application will be sent. In case you get deferred or waitlisted we will help you with strategies to help confirm your admission.

The earlier you begin your application process, the more time you have to build your profile and study for tests. It would be recommended to begin your process in the second year of college. However, you can begin in the final year too. By June – July you should have your initial consultation, by December your applications will be sent, and by April-May you should be applying for your visa.

It depends of the requirements of the university, however there are a few general tests you will require. You will have to give either GRE or GMAT, and maybe an English proficiency exam such as IELTS or TOEFL. Some universities and courses might additionally have entrance tests as well.

You will need all your grade sheets to be in order. This includes 10 th grade, 12 th grade, and college grades. You will also need certificates for all extracurricular activities you have mentioned. In case you have taken a gap year you will need documents to support your activities during the gap year. You will additionally need financial documents, especially if you are applying for scholarships.

The average tuition fee depends on numerous factors such as course, country, university, duration, and scholarships. It is hard to give a single figure. However, if you let us know what amount would be suitable for you we can look for options and scholarships that fit you best.

Living expenses depends country to country and on the kind if accommodation you are looking for. Generally, if you stay on campus in student housing your living expenses would be much lower as compared to living off campus. Some countries, such as US and Singapore have an average higher cost of living which would increase the cost of living there. There are countries whose cost of living is on the lower side and it would be more affordable to live there.

About Samkith Sir

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Samkith Sir was leading a comfortable life as a banker, when he happened to teach a few students. And then there was no looking back. He discovered his passion in teaching and mentoring young minds. His brilliance in Maths and warm personality, make him one of the best teachers around.

About Mahima Ma’am

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In Mahima Ma’am’s class, logic reigns supreme. Conceptual understanding is what she stresses on and she will make sure, that after EduSure, you will know your Macro.

Ma’am also looks at the admin at EduSure. Her passion is to make sure that the best possible service is available to each EduSure student.

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