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The results for the highly anticipated Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) Entrance Exam, held on May 12th, were announced on June 10th. Along with the results, the cutoff list and the list of students shortlisted for interviews on June 18th and 19th were also released. As a leading educational institute in India that prepares students for Masters in Economics Entrance Exams, we are excited to share this information with our students and aspirants.

Shortlisting Criteria for ISI Entrance Exam:

The selection of candidates for the interview round is based on the following criteria:


PEA (Paper I) score of 71 or above (out of 120)
Total score of PEA + 3*PEB (Paper II) >= 143 (out of 480)


PEA score of 63.9 or above
Total score of PEA + 3*PEB >= 128.7


PEA score of 49.7 or above
Total score of PEA + 3*PEB >= 100.1

Interview Preparation for ISI Entrance Exam:

For students who have been shortlisted for the interview round, we are here to help you prepare. Our experienced faculty members and mentors will guide you through the interview process and provide you with valuable tips and insights. To access the interview PDF, please click here: [].

ISI Aspirants 2025 – New Course Launch:

And if you’re an aspiring candidate for 2025, we have exciting news! We launched a new course yesterday specifically designed for ISI Aspirants. It’s never too early to start your preparation. Contact us to find out more about our enhanced coaching program and how you can benefit from it.

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Success Stories of ISI Entrance Exam:

Over the years, our students have consistently performed well in the ISI Entrance Exam and have gone on to pursue their dreams at this esteemed institution. Watch our students share their success stories and journey towards achieving their goals:

Tailor-Made Courses for ISI MSQE Aspirants

Are you planning to join the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) for the MSQE program? Our education institute offers courses specifically designed to prepare you for the ISI MSQE entrance exam and other related exams. Check out our courses and get in touch with our counselor for more details.

Our Courses Include:

  • Best ISI MSQE Entrance Online Coaching India: Comprehensive online coaching tailored for ISI MSQE.
  • ISI MSQE Delhi Entrance Coaching: Specialized coaching for students in Delhi.
  • Top Coaching Institute for MA Economics ISI: Premier coaching for aspiring MA Economics candidates.
  • ISI MSQE Kolkata Entrance Exam Top Online Coaching: High-quality online coaching for ISI MSQE aspirants in Kolkata.
  • Free Entrance Coaching Online ISI MSQE: Access free resources and coaching online.
  • Top 5 Entrance Exam Coaching Institutes India for ISI: Learn from the best institutes in India.
  • Best ISI Economics Coaching Near Me: Find top coaching centers near you.
  • Best Results ISI MSQE: Our students achieve top results consistently.
  • Free Mock Test ISI MSQE: Practice with our free mock tests.
  • 1 Month Course for ISI MSQE Entrance Exam: Intensive short-term course for last-minute preparation.
  • ISI MSQE Past Year Questions: Access to previous years’ question papers.
  • Free ISI Course: Free courses to help you prepare effectively.
  • ISI MSQE Past Year Papers: Practice with past year papers.
  • Video Solutions ISI MSQE: Detailed video solutions for better understanding.
  • Successful Students ISI MSQE: Learn from the experiences of successful students.
  • ISI MSQE Past Year Papers Answer Keys: Answer keys for past year papers.
  • Cut Off ISI MSQE: Detailed information about ISI MSQE cut-offs.
  • Paper Pattern ISI MSQE: Understand the exam pattern.
  • Eligibility ISI MSQE: Check the eligibility criteria.
  • Expected Cut Off ISI MSQE: Predictions and analysis of the expected cut-off.
  • Best ISI MSQE Coaching Near Me: Find the best coaching centers for ISI MSQE near you.

Stay Connected with Our Counselor

  • For any queries, guidance, or support, feel free to reach out to our counselor. We are here to help you achieve your academic goals.


  • By leveraging our resources and courses, you can enhance your preparation and increase your chances of securing admission to prestigious institutions like the Indian Statistical Institute. Stay tuned for more updates, and get in touch with our counselor for any assistance. Good luck with your application and preparation!

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